T-Slot Aluminum Extrusion

T-Slot Aluminum extrusions offer much more value than welded steel. Why? Because they’re flexible, versatile, strong, corrosion resistant – the list goes on. Not only are T-slot aluminum extrusions strong, but they also allow you to get your project done efficiently and effectively. One of the major advantages of T-slot aluminum extrusions, is that there is a lot of them! Aluminum is readily available, and offers strength, lightness, and more. More importantly, aluminum extrusions that are formed into T-slots offer even more utilitarian value.

T-Slot Aluminum extrusions are what form the basis of framing systems. They offer three-dimensional structural assemblies in a wide range of extruded and fabricated aluminum parts. How it works, is that each extruded aluminum part contains one or multiple T-shaped indentations, from which you can fit various attachments. It even allows you to slide the attachments up and down where necessary.

Interlocking T-Slot Aluminum extrusions is really easy and convenient, and can be transformed into complex formations without the need for clamps or welding. This is a major advantage you won’t easily find with other metals, such as steel.

The Versatility of T-Slot Aluminum extrusions

Versatility is one of the most important factors, and advantages, of T-slot aluminum extrusions. It’s super easy to connect, position, and fasten the aluminum profiles together. It’s an effortless process, and you can easily connect these parts using the right fasteners, connectors, and tools. In fact, the versatility factor is to convenient, you can even adjust and rearrange the formations as you see fit, something you otherwise wouldn’t easily do with welded or clamped configurations.

There are various aluminum connectors that allow you to adjust and assemble the parts you need, including:

  • Quick connectors
  • Bolt connectors
  • Milling connectors
  • Slotted gussets
  • T-connectors
  • …and more

Other Advantages of T-slot Aluminum extrusions

The great thing about T-slot aluminum extrusions, is the (almost) endless list of advantages. Apart from the fact that it is super versatile and easy to configure, it also offers the strength and durability you need for any project or ensemble. That said, other advantages of T-slot aluminum extrusions include:

Power-to-Weight Ratio

Aluminum’s strength-to-weight ratio makes it superior to steel. Though steel might be harder and stronger than aluminum, extruded aluminum is actually strong enough to withstand numerous structural design and assembly formations and uses. In fact, using aluminum as opposed to steel eliminates many other costly processes, including welding, moving heavy parts, drilling, cleaning, and protecting it from corrosion. Truth be told, T-slot aluminum offers a cost-effective framing solution; especially for larger projects.

Impressive Durability

If you need a metal that is durable, T-slot aluminum extruded parts are your answer. It’s tough enough for major structures such as commercial airlines, trucks, and the like, which means it is likely more than capable to handle what you have in mind. This is particularly relevant if you’re looking for something that is rust-resistant. The last thing you want is for your steel structures to rust, but luckily, this isn’t a problem for aluminum.

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