Erd Metal Die Manunfacturing (4)
Erd Metal Die Manunfacturing (4)

An Aluminum Extrusion Die is a solid or hollow metal that we customize according to your requirements. Its main uses include stamping or cutting aluminum extrusion shapes, embossing, drawing wires, pressing, and more. The aluminum extrusion die that we manufacture can produce anything from simple to complex shapes and can be used in the formation or casting process. The materials used to make the die are special metal and hardened steel also referred to as “Tool steel”.

ERD Metal produces dies under tight tolerances using advanced CAD/CAM software. This, along with our team of experienced technicians, produces these dies in-house while collaborating with leading local and international sources to ensure the highest quality dies for our customers. Furthermore, we also provide flexible delivery times and are swift with all modifications required.

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Components of an Aluminum Extrusion Die

There are several components of stamping dies that we incorporate into our manufacturing process to ensure they are up to standard. These include:

Die Sets, Plates, and Shoes

  • Bushings and Guide Pins
  • Heel Plates and Blocks
  • Screws, Keys, and Dowels
  • Pads
  • Spools, Keepers, and Shoulder Bolts
  • A Retainer
  • Springs

There are also various types of aluminum extrusion dies that can be customized according to specific requirements. The type needed depends on the specific aluminum extrusion shapes, tolerance, and accuracy you require.

Erd Metal Die Manunfacturing (4)
Erd Metal Die Manunfacturing (4)

Types of aluminum extrusion die include:

  • Simple: One operation can be fulfilled by only one stroke
  • Combination: For multiple forms and cutting operations with one stroke for deep drawing, blanking, punching, and bending
  • Compound: For multiple operations with one stroke
  • Progressive: Can perform multiple cutting operations with one stroke, but blanking would be the last operation due to the progression of punch sheets and stages
  • Transfer: Can perform multiple cutting operations with one stroke, but blanking would be the first operation
  • Multiple: Various dies are attached in parallel to produce more components

We personalize these aluminum extrusion dies according to the needs of our customers so they can get the aluminum extrusion shapes they need for specific operations.