Throughout our years of existence, we’ve always striven toward harnessing a healthy working space. Among our responsibilities is to the environment, which is one of our top priorities. For us to show our utmost respect for the environment and our commitment to contributing to sustainability, we’ve implemented an Environmental Management System and obtained ISO 1400 and ISO 50001 certifications. This not only helps us save on energy but also reduces our carbon footprint.

ERD Metal works in conformity with the European Union (EU) Environmental Regulations and Local Environmental Regulations, which are, in some cases, more strict than International and standard EU regulations.

To maintain our sustainable practices, we’ve installed a state-of-the-art, fully automated water treatment facility in 2014. This facility treats over 500 tons of water per day and significantly contributes to the protection of water resources.

To further boost sustainability, ERD Metal is one of the first users of the “Cromfree” chemical pre-treatment in Turkey. This step allows us to stop using heavy chromium metal that is harmful to nature and humans alike.

After implementing our Energy Management System, ERD Metal took the extra step of replacing our old fluorescent lamps with LED energy-efficient ones.

At ERD Metal, we’re dedicated to promoting sustainability in all departments and aspects of our company. This is why we’ll continue implementing the most efficient, eco-friendly, and sustainable resources available.

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