erdmetal ınnovation

ERD Metal has always been the initiator and developer of pioneering innovations through its structure that is open to new advances and continuous evolution. We have a state-of-the-art Research and Development Department with expert designers and engineers always on top of the ball to create innovative solutions unique to each customer’s requirements.

This in-house Research and Development Department warrants high efficiency and productivity for aluminum systems and parts for a diverse range of industries. We regularly test new products and systems and certify them according to international standards to ensure all our work is up to your and our standards.

We have in-house 3D printers, CNC machining centers, and simulating software that allows us to perform prototype processes for all of our customers. This feature is an excellent “try before you buy” exercise as clients can have actual prototypes to request necessary adjustments, from prototyping to fist sampling, the first-run production, and serial production. ERD Metal has the capability, capacity, and expertise to perform, and exceed, all the steps needed to produce a product from inception to the end product.

Furthermore, the ERD Metal Research and Development team works in unison with the R&D departments of our suppliers. Our mission is to develop new products and technologies with these suppliers to eventually introduce them to our customers. These innovations add value to both our customers and products, boosting their stance in the market with each innovation.

Another innovation unique to ERD Metal is the first fully automated anodizing and chemically brightening line in the region! This line is also fully integrated with an automated water treatment line, which gives the parts a precise quality and decorative appearance. This also further contributes to the protection of water and other natural resources!

We’re passionate about not only adapting to but also creating innovations as we continue to grow toward a bright, dynamic future in both business and life.