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At ERD Metal, we strive toward providing our customers with the most efficient, streamlined experiences. When it comes to inventory stocking, we work with a wide range of companies to ensure you always get the products, sourcing, production, and logistics services you need.

What is an Inventory Stocking Program?

Among ERD Metal’s many services, is a custom inventory stocking program. We have several warehouses where we conveniently hold our customers’ stock! Whenever you’re ready to receive your stock, you can simply contact us, and we’ll ship your product to you in as little as two days.

Our inventory stocking program is very unique as it’s one of the main services that sets us apart from other extruders. Furthermore, we have two key missions with our inventory stocking program. The first is to provide our end-users with products that represent a collaborative effort of us and our resources or “supply chain”. The second mission is to continuously receive and provide new, innovative data to and from our supply chain, making each product as advanced as possible for our customers.

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How Does the Inventory Stocking Program Work?

We draw up every contract to suit your specific requirements. All we need is your commitment to purchase the agreed stock over a certain period. This program not only saves soft costs but also saves extra money due to yearly demand pricing adjustments. Overall, you’ll have more money in your pocket and less worries about your stock – which also means less backorders!

The Process is Simple:

  • Open a contract with us stating the custom stock you need with an agreed timeline
  • We hold your stock in our warehouse
  • You contact us if and when you need your parts
  • Sit back, relax, and wait for your parts to arrive within two days.

Our Current Warehouse Locations Include:

  • Boston, MA USA
  • Ottawa, QC, Canada
  • Monterrey, NV Mexico

We’re also planning on expanding our reach, so watch this space for updates.

Our Inventory Stocking Program Success Stories

This program has already accomplished several conversions from companies that utilize this practice to save warehouse space, cash flow, and inventory control issues. This makes us an all-in-one inventory stocking solution.

Ask yourself, “How many times has my inventory been deficient just when I needed the parts most?” This not only causes stress in your life, but your entire operations can be delayed because of it, bringing you to a loss of productivity. ERD Metal wants to give you the peace of mind in knowing your custom products are stocked and ready to ship within two days. That, is a priceless relief…

Many of our customers went from four pallet racks of products to just two shelves on one rack. How? Through ERD Metal’s custom inventory stocking program.

You too can have the peace of mind and freedom you need to go about your business knowing your stock is ready and waiting for shipment when needed.

You can visit our page for prices and information about inventory stocking.