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Aluminium Packaging
Aluminium Packaging
Aluminium Packaging

All required custom packaging applications are available in this department. We have a special experience and supplying to the best European wholesalers and DIY chain stores.

ERD metal offers you a wide range of custom packaging alternatives by starting the process with aluminium extrusion and completing it with surface treatment and mechanical processing. Apart from standard packaging options that our department build them up separately for each product by their need, it also offers too many special solutions with custom packaging.

We are able to supply all of the products from our integrated facility by being not only with the options we offer below, but also with other custom packaging options that you may request.

  • -Protective Film
  • -Labelling
  • -Barcoding
  • -Shrink Wrapping
  • -Hangers Screw, Dowels Adding
  • -Blister Packaging
  • -Boxing
  • -Do it Yourself Products packaging options
  • -Palleting