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Aluminium is known as a durable metal with a very good corrosion resistance in most environments; however, untreated version of it may not have sufficent resistance to highly corrosive environments. In order to provide sufficient protection in such conditions, aluminium anodizing must be applied.

Aluminium anodizing offers good abrasion resistance along with other superior properties while being quite hard. Anodic anodizing increases the thickness of the oxide layer formed on the aluminium to 10 - 25 microns from which is under normal conditions 1 - 2 microns while guarantees its’ resistance to highly corrosive environments as well as the decorative appearance...


We, as ERD Metal, supply the color integrity of our products with our attractive aluminium color anodizing. We are proud to present our customers with the most color alternative in the sector by having a wide variety of different tone options from the main colors of copper, black, yellow, brown and bronze by aluminium color anodizing.

The ability of coloring of the anodizing layer has made the aluminium products more widespread. In our company, the production of colored eloxal, has began with the dyeing process to get the porous structure of the anodic layers made with sulfuric acid applied with inorganic or organic dyestuffs.

Aluminium anodizing


Chrome and nickel coating processes are carried out in ERD Metal with the latest technology. The nickel coating with a good interim decorative finish is noticeable with a smooth surface in mirror finish. Nickel, which should be perfect for your base metal polishing, is yellow and coated by our company to meet the needs of the companies.

Nickelage is especially used in the construction of household appliances and in the decoration of steel parts of automobiles. For all goods exposing to the corrosive environments, nickel coating is usually applied before chromium coating.


Aluminium Sanding is a process that applied to the aluminium surface with the purpose of cleaning, acquisition of texture or renovation. In order to ensure that the process takes place at a lower cost with the most efficient way, it is important to have the best possible understanding of the glazing principles. Thereby, we as ERD Metal think that it is a must to consider important issues like system components and sandblasting procedures in general.

Aluminium sanding process is applied in the same way as the pressure system sanding process. The most basic elements in the pressurized system sanding process are; air compressor, compressed air desiccant, compressed air tank, sandblasting nozzle and pressure sandblasting boiler.

Aluminium anodizing