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Aluminium Cnc Machining
Aluminium Cnc Machining
Aluminium Cnc Machining

While today's technology is moving at an unprecedented pace in machinery production; we, as ERD Metal, are working to keep up with the technological advances we have and to keep up with it. To do this, we commit ourselves to provide the best quality service with our CNC milling and CNC Toning machines by aluminium CNC machining.

Aluminium CNC machining are highly required in machine manufacturing, especially in batch production. With such developments in the industry requires the manufacturing drawings are to move to the computer-aided workbenches from the drawing boards. Aluminium CNC machining ensures the flexibility and practicality that come along with computers have also accelerated the process. CNC Milling and CNC Toning processes are not only provide material savings but also loss of capital, time and labor loss are prevented.

What do we do with the CNC milling process?

We are using computer-aided manufacturing programs (CAM) and CNC machines to meet the demands from our customers; these features are continuously being developed whilst we are working on expanding their usage areas. Things that we are doing with our CNC milling machine are;

  • Channel programming and milling
  • Milling processes are done by programming of hole drilling and hole enlargement processes
  • Simulations through programming
  • The quality of production can be directly linked with the machines, equipments and tools that are used in the process. CNC machines take a big part and importance during the production phase of machine parts because the production made through CNC machines is much more precise, economic, quality and serial than classical machines.

    What do we do with CNC Turning?

    CNC lathes are mostly used in the processing of rotating workpieces, such as in conventional lathe looms. Nevertheless, it is now possible to make different processes in lathe looms apart from turning thanks to the developing technologies in aluminium CNC machining. Lathes with these characteristics are called as CNC turning centers. Thus, all operations on the workpiece connected to the lathe can be completed at once.

    Having more axes within the centers and also using power breakers in such operations are the main feature that makes CNC turning centers different from normal CNC lathes. With that feature, whether or not a part is spinned, the cutting operation is performed in both conditions. There is an engine which is used to provide rotational movement on the turrets of the lathes where the power cutters are used. This engine makes cutting tool rotate in the required direction at the desired speed.

    What are the parts of CNC lathe machine?

    The main parts of the CNC lathe machine are; the spindle shaft, the body, the control unit, the turret and the counterpart.